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January 20, 2015 ribblevalley

January: Quick Cleaning Tip for Busy Mums

No matter what type of mum you are – working mum, stay-at-home mum, foster mum, mum of many or mum of just one, your life is busy, busy, busy. It’s tough enough to find time to take care of dinner, homework and work-work, but throw in laundry, cleaning and household projects on top of that, and you can quickly get frazzled and feel overwhelmed. It’s hard to know how to balance house cleaning with all the other necessary activities of your life.

But fear not! As professional cleaners, we talk to busy mums just like you every day, and we understand your frustrations and concerns. In addition to helping out mums by providing domestic cleaning services to create breathing room in their hectic schedules, we also offer house cleaning tips to keep you sane, your life more manageable and your house cleaner and healthier!
Here’s some to get you started:

#1 A Place for Everything, Everything in Its Place

This is an old saying, but it’s tried and true advice. Dirt accumulates from the activities of life, but mess is created by our stuff. Whether it’s toys, shoes, books, magazines or clothes, having a place for everything that’s easy to access and keeps it out from underfoot can make your house easier to manage and keep clean. For toys, handy bins that kids can chunk their stuff in makes it convenient for them to stay organised.

Hampers in every room keep dirty clothes off the floor. Storage bins for craft items and projects keep your tabletops clean. Baskets for makeup and toiletries make it easy to keep countertops clean. Getting organised makes it drastically simpler to keep your house clean and to get your stuff off floors and counters before your maid comes to do the domestic cleaning for you.

#2 When In Doubt, Toss It Out!

In addition to having storage bins to stick your stuff in, be particular about which stuff you stick in them. A good rule of thumb is if you go a year without using something, you don’t need it (photo albums and family heirlooms are the exception). Clothes that don’t fit should go. Items in disrepair that you keep meaning to fix should be binned, as well. What’s in good shape can be donated for a tax break.

Projects you know you’ll never complete should be relinquished. Toss stacks of magazines, newspapers and anything that might get you nominated for an episode of hoarders should also be cleaned out of your home. Once you’re free of the stuff you don’t need, you’ll feel lighter because you have less to deal with. This will also make your home so much easier to keep tidy.


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