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Clean your windows like a pro.

Wash your windows the fastest way with crystal clear, streak-free results. Try washing windows with a squeegee and I bet you’ll never go back to a spray bottle and paper towels. Squeegees get your glass clear and streak free in a fraction of the time it takes with paper towels. In this article, we’ll show you the equipment you need and simple steps to follow for fast, clear results.

Before you start

Washing windows is best done on a cloudy day. If you wash windows on a warm, sunny day, the heat will dry the cleaning solution too quickly and will cause streaking as you’re cleaning.

Assemble Your Cleaning Tools

The best tool for cleaning windows is a squeegee. A squeegee is a t-shaped cleaning tool with a flat rubber blade that quickly and evenly removes water from windows and glass.

Yes, if you don’t have a squeegee, you can use a clean sponge and towel to wash and dry the windows, but a squeegee cleans and dries in one fell swoop eliminating towel drying, streaks and drips. It reduces the cleaning time to 1/4 of what it would take to clean windows and dry with a towel.

Natural sponge
Sponge mop
Medium weight bristled brush (something like a paintbrush)
Soft scrub brush (for cleaning screens)
Squeegee (small and large)
Clean lint-free cloths
Damp chamois cloth
Paper towels

DIY Window Washing Solution

Lemon Essential Oil Cleaning SolutionThis is my go-to window cleaning solution. It helps to reduce frost build-up, which is a plus.

In a spray bottle combine:

1 cup water
3 cups vinegar
10 drops lemon essential oil
Give the solution a good shake and spray liberally on window. Wipe dry with a chamois cloth.

Picture Windows

For large picture windows, use a sponge mop with a long handle and wipe the cleaning solution over the glass of the window. For exterior windows you can apply a heavier amount of cleaning solution.
For smaller picture windows a sponge may be easier to apply the cleaning solution and less mess, especially for interior windows.
Place the squeegee at the top of the window and pull it straight down in one complete motion.
Wipe off the squeegee blade with the damp cloth to remove soap suds.
Place the squeegee back at the top of the window, overlapping the just cleaned section slightly.
Repeat the process and pull the squeegee straight down, remembering to wipe the squeegee after each swipe across the window.
When all sections of the window have been cleaned, wipe around the edges of the window with a clean lint-free cloth and wipe down and dry off the window sill.

Double-Paned Windows

Double-paned windows can be cleaned very much like a big picture window but you may need to use a hand-held sponge (I like the natural sponges, they are more absorbent than a synthetic sponge) to apply and clean the panes and use a smaller squeegee.

Clean each window pane from top to bottom and left to right to get all the dirt from the panes. Again, dry around the edges of the window with a clean, lint-free cloth.

If the window panes are very dirty, you may need to use a bristle brush to clean around the edges and corners of the individual panes. Don’t use a bristle brush that could scratch the glass.

Let the Light Shine In

Remember to do a thorough cleaning twice a year if you want your windows to look their best. Keeping them clean will ensure you are letting in all that wonderful, natural light!

Carpet Cleaning

“Visually a good thing to do”

The visual benefits of having your carpets cleaned by Ribblevalley Cleaning Services can be amazing.
No more worrying about family and friends comments.
A clean carpet has a feel good factor.Why replace your carpets which can cost hundreds of pounds?



Health Benefits are fantastic to individuals who suffer from asthma and other respiratory conditions
helping them to breathe cleaner indoor air, with fewer allergic reactions and allergy attacks.
Professional carpet cleaning significantly reduces the volume of environmental triggers
like mold, bacteria or mites lurking in the carpet the (biggest filter in your home.)

Have them cleaned by Ribblevalley Cleaning Services at a fraction of the cost.

Italian wife faces jail for ‘not doing housework’

An Italian woman is awaiting trial after her husband accused her of not doing enough cooking and cleaning at home.
According to The Telegraph, the 42 year old wife faces two to six years behind bars if convicted of violating an Italian law that “punishes whoever mistreats a person in their family or a person entrusted to them for reasons of education , care or custody”
Her 47 year old husband made a formal complaint to the police , saying that his wife was slovenly,failed to put meals on the table and left their home in a dreadful mess.
Rather than dismissing the case as a domestic dispute , the police referred it to judicial authorities, who decided to send the matter to trial.
Many Italians are shocked that the case has gone this far!
Don’t worry, we dont have any laws like that over here in the UK. But, if you still dont want to do the domestic cleaning, why not check out Ribblevalley Cleaning Services cleaning packages.

Cleaning Tips 101:

Neat Freaks.

Some of us are absolute neat freaks, cringing at the sight of unsightly bacteria or disorganized magazine stacks. Then there are the people who cover the rest of the spectrum: slightly OCD, remotely clean, absolute slob, and everything in between. Here is a few tips for all of us, but especially the inherent neat freaks.
or you can utilise our expert cleaning team to clean your home.

Binder clip = sponge stand

Keeps it dry, instead of wet and gross.
domestic and commercial cleaning services Lancashire

Microwave sponge for two minutes on high

This kills most of the germs and bacteria growing on it. This only works for nonmetallic sponges.
office cleaning Blackburn

Use waxed paper to prevent water spots and finger prints

office cleaning Blackburn

Remove toilet ring without scrubbing

Take a piece of Mr. Clean’s Magic Eraser, drop it in the toilet overnight, and you’ll wake up to no ring.
office cleaning Blackburn

Make your house smell like heaven

Put two caps full of vanilla extract in a coffee cup, then place it in the oven at 300 degrees for one hour. Within twenty minutes the whole house smells like Heaven.
office cleaning Blackburn

Still don’t want the hassle of cleaning your home?

Call us on 01254 244102 to book a domestic clean in Blackburn or book a cleaning package online

If you like our Cleaning Tips, check out our Clean Kitchen tips and let us know your top cleaning tips in the comments.

Wonder How to…

How to Easily replace the belt on a Dyson DC07

If your brushroll isn’t picking up any kind of big debris on the ground, you might have a problem with your vacuum cleaner’s belt.

In this helpful tutorial, you’ll find out how you can replace the belt on a Dyson DC07 vacuum cleaner using just a couple of tools. Once completed your brushroll should be running and begin picking up things from the ground. So good luck, be safe, and enjoy!

If you would like Ribblevalley Cleaning Services to do this for you give us a call and we will arrange for someone to pop round and sort it out for you.

Charity Round Up

Over the last 12 months we have been making donations to CAFOD our chosen charity.

CAFOD is the official aid agency for the Catholic Church in England and Wales. Guided by the values of compassion, solidarity and hope, and rooted in the Catholic community. Together, with the help of volunteers, they put faith into action to help our sisters and brothers living in extreme poverty to reach their full potential, regardless of religion or culture.

Responding to humanitarian crises

Donations in 2015 were invaluable to our charity responding to humanitarian crises in countries such as Nepal, Gaza and South Sudan.
Cleaning services Blackburn
When a 7.8 magnitude earthquake hit Nepal in April  donations of over £3.8 million helped our partners to immediately provide affected people with shelter and blankets.

Our donations have been supporting work with Syrian refugees in neighbouring countries. This year the refugee crisis intensified in Europe.

We clean all over preston,Blackburn , accrington, burnley, clitheroe,Darwen


To find out more about CAFOD click here

Cleaning Tips 101: Oven Cleaning

Top 10 tips on how to clean an oven.

Cleaning the oven is one of the most hated chores in the home – and with good reason. It’s dirty, messy and usually involves hours of scrubbing. But the good news is there are a number of ways to make the job easier. All you need are the right tools, the right products and some insider know-how or you can utilise our expert cleaning team to clean your oven.

Oven Cleaning Tip #1 – Loosen dirt first before cleaning

Cleaning guru Aggie MacKenzie of How Clean Is Your House fame suggests placing a heatproof bowl of water in the oven on high for half an hour. The steam will soften grease and grime, making stains easier to remove.

Oven Cleaning Tip #2 – Use a glass scraper

Aggie says that the best tool for scraping tough stains off the door and floor of your oven is a glass scraper – the sort used for paint splashes on windows. If the glass door is removable, unscrew it, soak in a hot solution of biological washing powder, then scrape to remove stuck-on food residue.

Oven Cleaning Tip #3 – Use soda crystals

Old-fashioned soda crystals, under £1 per bag from most supermarkets, are a brilliant eco-friendly kitchen cleaner that cut through grease with ease. Spread a thick layer on the bottom of the oven and cover with a damp tea towel. Leave for several hours, then vacuum them out (empty the vacuum cleaner immediately after use!) and rinse thoroughly. Soda crystals also work well on heavy stains in grill pans. Dissolve the crystals in hot water and leave to soak before washing as normal.

Oven Cleaning Tip #4 – Paint on a gel cleaner

If you prefer a shop-bought solution, try Oven Mate from Lakeland. It comes with a brush that makes it easy to reach the back of the oven and doesn’t have that potent chemical smell. Leave it on your oven walls for up to three hours depending on the degree of dirtiness, then simply wipe away. As with all chemical cleaners, wear rubber gloves and protect floors with newspaper.

Oven Cleaning Tip #5 – Put filthy shelves into a cleaning bag

Often oven shelves are harder to clean than the oven itself when grease is baked on. An easy solution is to soak shelves in plastic bags with specialised cleaners like Oven Pride. Just squirt the gel into the re-usable bag that comes with the cleaner, then leave overnight for best results. No effort required and the results are impressive.

Oven Cleaning Tip #6 – Allow the element to burn off grease naturally

Most chemical cleaners cannot be used on the element. The simplest way to clean the element is to turn the heat up to the highest setting and just let the grase burn off. The oven may smoke for a while, so make sure the room is well ventilated.

Oven Cleaning Tip #7 – Use baking soda

Keen to avoid harsh chemical cleaners? For a home-made eco cleaner, our professional cleaning experts recommend using a mixture of baking soda (bicarbonate of soda) and vinegar. Moisten the cold oven with water, spread on a thick layer of baking soda and leave for three hours. Spray vinegar on the baking soda and watch it fizz into action. Let it sit for a few more hours then wipe with warm water.

Oven Cleaning Tip #8 – Clean shelves in the dishwasher

Encrusted grime on oven shelves can be blitzed by running them through a hot wash in the dishwasher. Alternatively, line the bath with old towels to protect the finish, and then soak the shelves in biological soap powder. Scrub any remaining grime with a cream cleaner or abrasive pad. Biological soap powder also works for baked-on grease in grill pans or try soaking in vinegar overnight.

Oven Cleaning Tip #9 – Consider investing in a pyrolytic oven

If you do a lot of cooking and hate cleaning, this could be a good investment! Pyrolytic (self-cleaning) ovens use a high temperature to burn off grime. All you need do is sweep away the pile of ash afterwards. Take a look at the Programme Clean oven from Beko, priced from around £479.

Oven Cleaning Tip #10 – Try the new water cleaning ovens

For those on the lookout for an oven that’s super-easy to clean, a revolutionary new product could be the answer to your prayers. Amica has launched an oven that only needs water to clean it. Simply put a bowl of water in the bottom of its Scandium oven and heat it at 90 degrees for 30 minutes for a quick and effective cleaning job.

Still don’t want the hassle of cleaning your dirty oven?

Call us on 01254 244102 to book an oven clean in Blackburn or book a cleaning package and oven clean online

If you like our Cleaning Tips, check out our Clean Kitchen tips and let us know your top cleaning tips in the comments.

Cleaning Wonder Tools

The Power of Steam

Whether you’re tackling the bathroom, kitchen or carpets, Steam Cleaners are lightweight, truly versatile and able to deliver remarkable cleaning power to areas of the home other cleaners just can’t reach.

With no chemicals or scrubbing, a Steam Cleaner effortlessly removes stubborn stains and even limescale and mould throughout the home. Nothing could be quicker or easier than cleaning with steam – and it’s also hygienic, killing 99.99%* of bacteria.

A Steam Cleaner is a lightweight easy to use steamer that can clean nearly every surface in your home. It delivers a clean efficient result linked with germ kill and a sanitising action from the output temperature of the base unit.  Cleaning with steam is environmental friendly, and offers a modern method of cleaning.
Steamers are good for a light surface clean, spot removal (including upholstery) and sanitising, as well as killing bugs (this also includes mattresses).

Ribblevalley Cleaning Services can offer Steam cleaning as an eco friendly alternative which can be purchased via our booking page.

Cleaning Tips For Busy Mums


Sometimes we find ourselves in the most cliché nerd predicament: a leaking or exploding ink pen (where was your pocket protector when you needed it?). Removing the ink blob is easier than you think. Just grab yourself some milk and vinegar and get to the stain asap!

Materials 2 Parts Whole Milk
1 Part White Distilled Vinegar
Large Bowl

1. Combine Milk and Vinegar. Pour just enough milk to cover your garment into a large bowl. Add about half as much white distilled vinegar.

2. Soak Garment in Mixture. Overnight is best to ensure that the milk and vinegar have enough time to do their magic!

3. Remove, Hang Dry, Wash as Normal. You may see a light trace of the ink stain upon removal but after washing the ink stain should be gone.
Check out more tips from Ribble Valley Cleaning Services

January: Cleaning Wonder Tools

Cleaning your house should no longer be an insufferable chore if you make use of some high-tech gadgets and tools to help you around. New cleaning gadgets and smart tech tools appear every year on the market, but how do you know what’s good and what’s rotten? Most consumers will look for cleaning gadgets that are very easy to use and maintain but in the same time not cost an exorbitant price.

In order to save time and energy, tech-savvy persons should not only have at least one cleaning gadget in their house, whether we’re talking about a dishwasher, a smart vacuum cleaner or whatnot. Our professional and personal life is often very busy and we don’t manage to clean our house as we’d like to and hiring professional cleaners isn’t always the cheapest solution. So maybe investing in a house cleaning gadget is the solution you are looking for. Here are some of the best that we’ve managed to find.

Robot vacuum cleaners


iRobot is one of the most known companies that deal with house cleaning tech products. With some of the best designs on the market and definitely not the cheapest around, the company has made a name for itself in the beginning with Roomba, company’s smart vacuum cleaning robot. There are four different versions, from £350 to as much as £600. The new Roomba 880 is the ultimate high-performance robotic vacuum cleaner. Featuring the revolutionary Aeroforce Performance Cleaning System, Roomba 880 is proven to remove up to 50% more dirt, dust, hair, debris and harmful allergens than previous Roomba generations with less maintenance hassle.
But iRobot isn’t the single company out there to release smart and good looking vacuum cleaners on the market, so have a look at the following names, as well.

Samsung Navibot Vacuum Cleaner samsung-navibot-smart-vaacum-150x150-2the NaviBot vacuum cleaner currently retails for around £379, but the price fluctuates at different retailers. This cleaning gadgets comes with its own Visionary Mapping System that helps it chart the most efficient course in the house. It also has an onboard camera that it uses to learn the best possible cleaning path.

LG Hom-Bot 3.0 Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner lg-homo-bot-smart-vacuum-cleaner-150x150-2LG also has a few cleaning gadgets that they hope you’ll use in your house. The Hom-Bot Robot vacuum cleaner retails for £600 and comes with the Magellan mapping system, 3 smart cleaning modes, a low noise level and even scheduled cleaning. What I like about it is that the Hom-Bot will automatically return to its charging dock when the battery is nearing full depletion.

Dyson DC25 Animal Ball-Technology Upright Vacuum Cleaner dyson-smart-vaacum-150x150-3this one might not seem so smart as it comes with a traditional design form but the secret lies in its strong suction power at 220 Watts. It also comes with a HEPA filter, motorized brushbar and is also certified to be used by persons suffering from asthma.

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